Discover all the new features offered by the latest version of STAGE+.


New methods of soliciting supervisors

This release offers new ways to engage supervisors.

When your establishment receives internship requests, it must contact the teams to identify the person(s) who will be available to supervise the students.

In addition to soliciting care units/services, we have added two new ways to allow you to quickly complete this task:

  • Solicitation by direction
    It allows only the Respondents of the internships from the selected departments to be involved. These people will be responsible for contacting the managers of the care units/services in their department in order to identify one or more supervisors.

  • Personalized request
    It offers a unique way to configure the solicitation according to different filters including management, discipline, type of installation, local service network, etc.
    We have also integrated filters into the Request for Internship process, allowing you to request a smaller number of people while maximizing your chances of identifying supervisors corresponding to the request.

Invite a study program coordinator

Get your partners from educational institutions to collaborate.

This new feature should save you a lot of time. It is now possible for internship managers to invite a study program coordinator from an educational establishment to complete a request for internship directly on STAGE+.

This way of doing things saves time and provides very high quality information unlike email exchanges using PDF or Excel documents.