Updated on December 8, 2023

STAGE+ is offered on subscription model and includes user support, bug fixes, improvements and updates. To learn more about adding new features, refer to the "FEATURE" tab.

Support scope

For the entire duration of your subscription to STAGE+, all problems (bugs) caused by the platform will be corrected free of charge and as soon as possible. KIWI will determine based on the severity and planning of platform updates, when a correction will be available.

Initial incident response time 1 normal 2X faster
Incident resolution time normal 2X faster
Access to our support portal
Access to guides and documentation
Access to interim versions
Annual cost 2 Included $

1 KIWI Technologies may downgrade the level of severity if the client is unable to provide the resources or answers adequate skills allowing KIWI Technologies to continue its efforts to resolution of the incident.
2 The PLUS Plan is offered optional. Its cost East 20% of the annual subscription fees.

Impact and urgency

Incidents are handled in an order determined by three measures available in the ticket. support:

  • Impact is the potential impact of an unresolved issue on the company's ability to operate effectively carry out its activities or provide its services.
  • Urgency is the speed deemed appropriate to resolve a problem of a given impact.
  • Priority is how quickly the service center should resolve the issue.
1. Extended All users of the application are impacted. A critical service is impacted.
2. Important A majority of users are affected by the incident. Non-critical service isimpacted.
3. Moderate Several users or workgroups are affected.
4. Minor One or a few users affected.
1. Critical Affects an entire service, resulting in the inability to perform/deliver services functions of the service. No workaround is available.
2. High Affects a user's ability to perform a function essential to their role and its standard business operations.
3. Medium Moderately affects a user's ability to perform functions in the framework of his role.
4. Low Does not prevent the user from performing a function or workaround is available.

How impact and urgency determines priority

Impact / Urgency 1. Critical 2. High 3. Medium 4. Low
1. Scope P1 P2 P2 P3
2. Important P2 P2 P3 P4
3. Moderate P2 P3 P4 P4
4. Minor P3 P4 P4 P4

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

During a priority 1 and 2 incident, the customer must allocate appropriate resources to assist the STAGE+ team throughout the resolution. If these resources cannot be allocated, the team support may not be able to meet the service level agreement (SLA).

Unless otherwise indicated, the durations indicated in the table below are calculated according to the business hours and exclude holidays.

Priority level Initial response Resolution Initial response (PLUS) Resolution (PLUS)
P1 1hr 8hr 30min (24x7) 4hr (24x7)
P2 2hr 2d 1hr 1d
P3 8hr 4hr 4hr 2d
P4 4d 10d 8hr 5d

The CUSTOMER can request new features for their specific needs and KIWI will propose a cost that reflects their financial effort. For all new features submitted by the CLIENT at the request of the Ministry of Health and Social Services of Quebec (MSSS) or Santé Québec, KIWI will equitably distribute its financial effort to all establishments subject to it.

Bilingual support

Support is available in English and French during our business hours.